Turkey Citizenship by Investment – What are Your Options?

Do you want to obtain Turkish citizenship? Then all you have to do is to invest your money in Turkey. There are multiple approaches available for you to go ahead with investing your money in Turkey. Let’s focus on some of the best investment opportunities out of them, so that you can pick one out of them and proceed with the investment.

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment

Most people who want to obtain Turkey citizenship by investment prefer to go ahead and invest their money in real estate. That’s because this is the cheapest investment method available out there. On the other hand, this method of investment doesn’t require too much of work from your side.  You will be able to get maximum returns out of this stable investment as well. For example, you can rent the property that you invest in. Likewise, you will be able to sell the property that you buy after a period of three years and get even a higher amount than you spent to buy it. You just need to invest on the right property, and you can get the benefits that come along with appraising property prices in the country. This method is so appealing, and you will be able to get your citizenship within just 60 days by working with the right agent.

If you have $500,000, you can fix that amount in one of the Turkish bank accounts. It will also help you to receive a return out of your investment. This investment option was less appealing back in the day. That’s because a foreigner wanted to deposit $2 million in a Turkish bank account to obtain citizenship. However, the government of Turkey introduced numerous changes to this program and reduced the investment amount to a minimum of $500,000. Along with that, it became a popular investment opportunity for the people to move to Turkey.

  • Create jobs in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship

People who have entrepreneurial skills can start their own businesses in Turkey. After starting your business in Turkey, you can go ahead and provide job opportunities to Turkish people. By creating new job opportunities, you will be able to create a positive impact on the Turkish economy. Along with that, you will be able to obtain your citizenship in the country. However, you need to make sure that you are providing employment opportunities to at least 50 people. Since Turkey has a favorable economy for business, this will not be a challenge. You can start your business in small scale and scale it up. Once you get 50 employees, you will be able to proceed with applying for Turkish citizenship without a problem.

Follow any of these methods and you will be able to receive Turkey citizenship by investment. Any person who can invest money can take a look at these opportunities.