Metal Roofing Guide For Farmingham MA Residents

Repairing or getting new roofing Framingham ma for your house can be a tedious task, but knowing which type of roofing you want to get saves you a lot of time and money in the long run. For those considering metal roofing, here are some pros and cons for you.


Longevity. The long lifespan of metal roofing offsets many of the more common disadvantages that you will find in this list. It seals pretty tight, is resistant to the elements and corrosives, and may even be there while the rest of the house falls to disrepair.

Pitch use. Metal roofs use a minimum of pitch on installation. This means you get to save money on the pitch as well as decreasing the fire hazard.

Convenient installation. Most metal roofing comes in convenient sizes that can be installed easily. Contractors can easily save 2 or 3 days of time and labor, which offers a distinct advantage.

Heat regulation. Many types of metal roofing reflect much of the sun’s radiant output in the daytime. That means that it doesn’t get very hot on summer days, lessening the need for air conditioning and saving you a lot of moolah in the process.

Lightweight. Metal roofing weighs less relative to other roofing materials, especially in terms of weight per area covered. Many metal roofing varieties weigh around 50 to 150 pounds per 100 square feet. Compare that with 750 pounds for wood or 900 pounds for concrete for the same area and you’ve got a winner.

Shedding snow. Winter home maintenance can be a pain, especially after heavy snowfall. Conventional roofing materials require a lot of work to shed snow, which may include climbing up to the roof itself. Very dangerous. On the other hand, metal roofs shed snow a lot easier by inducing snowmelt. This creates a lubricated surface on top of the slippery material so the snow sheds off after prodding it just a bit. No need to climb up!


Cost. At $100 to $600 per 100 square feet, metal roofing is significantly more expensive than concrete or wood options. However, the material is so durable, resilient and resistant that the longevity of your roof will offset any cost considerations. But when you are the type that moves around a fair bit, then there is a big chance you will not see a return of investment on this one.

Denting. Unlike wood or concrete, metal is more prone to dents particularly if something heavy fell on your roof. Copper and softer metals are more susceptible to denting than other varieties but if you choose carefully or if you live in climates where there is little chance of hailstorms, you can make metal roofing last a lifetime. Of course, some variants are guaranteed never to dent so that is a great option.

Leaking. An improperly installed metal roof is practically guaranteed to have loose screws and fasteners, increasing the possibility of your roof not keeping rainwater out. However, the operative word is “improperly”. You just need to make sure to have a reputable contractor to install your metal roof to minimize the risk of leaks.

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